2012 Olympics at your fingertips: 5 cool and free mobile apps

Computer SupportThe excitement of sport fans reached to a new climax with the majestic opening ceremony of London Olympics 2012 this week. Now the fans can’t get enough of their favourite game events. However, with busy schedule it is sometimes difficult for them to stay in touch with the games. Lucky for them; there are a number cool mobile apps through which they can still enjoy the game even if they are sitting a boring business meeting or travelling out of town. Moreover, they are free cost and available to download from the net.

Among all those, London 2012: Official App is a must download application if you are interested in the game schedule and results. It is true that the app doesn’t have a striking interface, but it does what it is supposed to do. An advantage of this application is that it can run on any platform such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry or even windows mobile. A similar app is the London 2012 Official: Join In App that also supports multiple platforms. However, this is loaded with more features such a detailed and interactive map of the game events, trip planning tips and so on. This app would be the perfect guide for people who are now in to enjoy the events.

Later on we have Medals 2012 app which is all you need to know which country got how many medals in the game. Though very simple, it is the perfect app to increase your general knowledge on medal count in this prestigious event. But if you want something more from your mobile app, you can try ScoreMobile which actually a fantastic sport app and not limited to Olympic 2012 only. It is true that is includes only a few services such game alerts and breaking news, you might get more from it even when the Olympic games are over.

Also, if you are a supporter of Canada and looking for an app with intensive focus on this particular nation, there is also an app for you. CTV Olympics London 2012 App is a handy app that covers almost everything that is on CTV website such news, highlights, live streaming and many more. So, don’t waste anymore time, download them and start enjoying Olympic 2012 without spending a single penny.