Canadians Spend 45 Hours Per Month Online

Canadians OnlineAn interesting fact found on one of our favourite Canadian tech websites,, about how many hours the average Canadian logs online each month.

According to Canadian technology writer, Knowlton Thomas, Canadians rank first in the world, logging 45 hours online each month while paying some of the highest fees for broadband speed and access but remain near the back of the pack compared to other countries with relationship to speed and price.

The CIRA fact book, released by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority is a collection of fun facts about Canada’s Internet usage and where our country ranks online compared to our G20 peers and other countries.

Another interesting fact relates to trust online. Canadians trust companies and businesses who us a .ca domain compared to the .com domain extension. 62% of online users want to support Canadians and look for the .ca domain extension when dealing with Canadian business.

By the way, did you know it took 21 years to reach 1 million domain names with the .ca extension? The next million only took 4 years. It looks like more Canadian businesses are turning to a .ca domain extension for their Canadian business identity.

These are some simple fun facts about the Internet in Canada. Businesses are flocking to the Internet and the cloud to store information, conduct business operations, communicate with peers (email and even telephone services) and help them prepare for disaster by using Internet or Cloud services as part of their disaster preparations.

Your business must have a trusted cloud and Internet consultant who can help your business secure information, increase efficiencies and communicate with ease.

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