Gogo goes to Canada: In-flight Wi-Fi services for Canadian flights

IT Support in CanadaThe in-flight Wi-Fi service provider Gogo is all set to expand its infrastructure in Canada very soon. The Canadian government and airline authority have already given the green signal to this company, which has been providing in-flight Internet services to the passengers. Through this, the passengers in Canada will be able to connect to the Internet through their smart phones, iPads or iPhones and enjoy the Internet even when they are flying. This is indeed the very first time such services will be made available to the major airlines in the country.

Previously known as Aircel, Gogo uses a 3G technology of air-to-ground system through its cell towers. It has more than 100 cell towers in the US that throw signals to the planes, which are then distributed to the passengers through a Wi-Fi system. Gogo was founded in 2008, and within a very short time, had managed to capture the whole US territory. Now, it is looking for expansion scopes in other countries as well. Gogo has finally got permission to enter the Canadian market. The company will be making huge investments in installing cell towers across Canada the nation. Although it is not confirmed yet, officials are saying that installation will start in late 2012 and the network will be up and running sometime in 2013. Gogo has also announced that it will be using satellite technology that will provide connectivity to planes not only flying over land but also over water.

Such news was received by the common consumers and airlines with enthusiasm. Before, passengers in Canada had to wait until landing to get connected to the Internet. If a flight was too long, they had no other options. Hopefully, things will change when Gogo will starts providing Wi-Fi connectivity to a number of Canadian airlines. Gogo is recognized for its quality of in-flight services in the US. People in Canada expect the same quality in their services.