Improving Business Productivity – Part 3

Making sure your computer is running at its best can help save a lot of time and therefore money. How many times have you clicked on an application and it takes a few minutes before it loads up? Chances are your workstation is running applications in the background causing everything you are running on it to slow down. Giving a call or email to your IT department could help with those kinds of issues and a whole lot more.

As technology grows faster and faster, so do businesses. As businesses grow so does the demand for time and communication. Balancing both is one of the keys to success. Today we are going to look at a few Do’s and Don’ts that can help you keep your workstation running at its best.

DO – Keep your files organized. Saving similar files together saves you time by not having to search for a document or a photo. When you do have to do a search the fewer places your computer has to look will also save time and keep your computer running smooth.

DON’T – Save all your files to just anywhere. Not only will it make it harder to find something, but you also slow down the computer this way. Applications will load slower and you have to spend time searching for a certain file. Saving everything to your desktop makes your desktop looked cluttered and unorganized. If you really do need that file at your fingertips on the desktop, a shortcut is the way to go.

DO – Get rid of old applications and unnecessary files. Like many of us, we can’t seem to let go of things, no matter how old or useless they can be. Keeping these files and applications can take up lots of space and resources slowing your workstation down. You can delete that old Word document telling people not to eat your yogurt in the fridge. Get rid of that app you used once to make a collage of everyone in the office in their costumes from 5 years ago. In most cases all your documents can and will be saved on a server automatically. So if you really need to save old documents then make sure you archive them in a file that is connected to the server. Talk to your IT team to learn more.

DON’T – Leave your recycle bin full all the time. You decided to delete a few files here and there to help keep your workstation clean over a few months and your computer is still running kind of slow. Well, even after you have deleted those files and apps, they still sit within your computer in the recycling bin. Even though you deleted those files, Windows keeps them just in case you deleted something you shouldn’t have. Go to your recycle bin every so often and take a quick look at what you have deleted and empty it out. This will make sure you have deleted the file and will free up even more space.

There you have it. We have looked at how emails, meetings and your workstation can actually slow you down, but, with the tips provided in the previous articles and above, saving time does in fact save you

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