Make Phone Calls In Canada Using Facebook

Social Media ConsultingFacebook is at it again, changing the way their users use their technology. Facebook users in Canada using the Facebook app’s latest update will be able to make voice calls to others on Facebook. Available only on the Apple IOS (iPhone) platform currently.

The new feature on the Facebook Messenger IOS application in Canada could push more voice communication away from the traditional cellular carriers in Canada and help drive adoption of VOIP calling applications found on smartphone devices.

Facebook will let Canadian users call their friends over a WIFI connection, replicating similar services found in popular communication services like Skype or GTalk. Additionally, Facebook Messenger users will have the ability to record a voice message and send it over, something those who don’t like typing long messages will truly appreciate.

For Facebook users outside of Canada, you can still receive the WIFI call as a push-to-talk message and it still unclear when Facebook will make this service available outside Canada or on other popular mobility devices such as Android, Windows Phone or even Blackberry.

Once the domain of the Telcos, voice communication is now available to everyone.  With many services to choose from, smartphone users will need to coordinate with their colleagues on what service to use. Will it be Skype, Facetime, Google Talk or even Facebook?

Eventually, WIFI and smartphone voice services will have to come together now that voice is moving outside the confines of the Canadian cellular network. Even if Facebook’s voice service fails to capture the hearts and minds of Canadian users, the technology is starting to become more and more adopted and will eventually mature.

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