Microsoft Surface – Will it fly?

Microsoft Corp. unveiled its own tablet, the Microsoft Surface. How much of a game changer will it be? Will it become a disruption in the market or will it just flop?

Today’s announcement puts into perspective how the industry is undergoing a change. Gone will be the days of clunky desktop machines or soon maybe even laptops. With all this change and innovation, we do know one thing, no matter who comes out on top in regards to the tablet world, they are here to stay. This will forever change the landscape of technology in the business world.

With change comes challenges.

The concerned Business Owner or CIO starts thinking:

– How staff could use tablets effectively?
– How will this change communication with Partners?
– How will we secure our network and data?
– What do we do to integrate our current systems?

No matter what happens – Remember that Evident IT is always the Evident choice to make technology work for your business.

Our goal is to take IT off of your daily worry list.