Microsoft Surface Pro Sells Out in Canada in 7 Hours

Microsoft Surface ProMicrosoft released its much-touted Surface Pro on Saturday and within seven hours of the device hitting store shelves, the 128 GB version of their Windows 8 tablet was sold out online.

The overwhelming response may have caught Microsoft by surprise as they look at ways to restock “as soon as possible”.

Microsoft planned on one million units of the Surface Pro tablet for their initial shipment, by contrast the Surface Pro RT model shipped 4 million units. This could be the reason for the tablet selling out as rapidly as it did.

The Windows Surface Pro runs Windows 8 Professional, perfect for a business looking at integrating tablet computers into their network. Unlike the Apple iPad or other Android-based devices, Surface Pro can take advantage of your entire business network just like any corporate laptop or computer system.

Surface Pro can easily run your Microsoft applications and any of your third-party applications. We recommend you check with your business application vendor to ensure compatibility with Windows 8. However, if the application can run on Windows 8, it can run on the Surface Pro.

If you would like to learn more about how to use Windows Surface Pro in your business, give us a call. We would welcome the opportunity to help you understand how mobile devices can fit easily into your corporate network.