Ontario braces for Hurricane Sandy

Disaster Recovery OntarioHurricane Sandy to Hit Ontario?

According to the Canadian Weather Center, the massive storm known as Hurricane Sandy that’s approaching the East Coast of the United States could hit Canada, too. Ontario is the proposed target of the category 1 hurricane which should be a tropical storm as it comes in Ontario on Monday night/Tuesday morning.

It’s too late to prepare for disaster. The hurricane is on its way. But if you already have a disaster recovery plan in order, now is the time to start practicing to make sure that everyone knows what to do.

Evacuations are going on all over the East Coast of the United States. What would your company do if you had to evacuate? Would your team know what to do? Would they have access to the company network? If not, maybe you can get that taken care of right away before the hurricane touches shore.

The hurricane could devastate many parts of the East Coast and maybe parts of Ontario, too. The aftermath will be almost as bad as the storm. Make sure that you and your people are prepared with the right supplies in your homes and the right procedures for keeping a steady work flow.

It may seem callous, but your clients want to be able to continue serving their customers, too. They can’t do that if you’re out of commission and unable to provide information or vital documents. Although they understand that you may be down for a day or two, longer than that begins to cause a hardship.

Don’t let yourself, your clients or your team down. Ensure that your disaster preparedness plan will work smoothly to keep you up running and able to serve your clients’ needs the same as always.

Be safe everyone and please pay attention to any warnings posted.