Evident IT Provides Solid Technology Foundation For Winnipeg Fashion Textile Manufacturer

The textile business in the gateway to Canada’s west is a tough industry, an industry hit hard through the recent economic turmoil. One leader stands out from the crowd with the help of Evident IT’s managed IT services programs, which are based on a foundation of rock solid technology training and industry know-how.  

Technology, when implemented correctly, can help almost any business, especially through economic hardships.  Business owners in Canada’s west who see information technology as a tool to enable business operations have achieved levels of success that far exceed the success levels of those who continue to downplay the effectiveness of properly deployed and maintained IT systems.

Evident IT, a leader in providing IT services throughout Winnipeg, engaged with a local fashion textile manufacturer who realized the important role IT can play when aging MRP solutions started to produce more challenges.  The custom designed software solution, built to suit the company’s needs in the early 1990’s, simply couldn’t keep up with modern-day demands, demands that can make or break a business, especially in highly competitive fashion industry.

Its many business IT challenges, including the lack of a professional email system and a very old website, deterred potential clients from engaging with this Winnipeg business.  It was time for Evident IT to step in and help.

Unlike other IT firms throughout the Province of Manitoba, Evident IT provides a mixture of cloud-based consulting services, traditional IT services and a wealth of knowledge on how to market businesses by leveraging online marketing strategies.  It is this unique blend of offerings that makes the Evident AYCE service package attractive to Winnipeg business owners.

AYCE provides all the traditional IT services: CIO for hire and Web marketing intelligence for one fixed monthly price.  “Many IT organizations in Winnipeg fail to realize what really matters to businesses in Winnipeg.  IT services are important, but business owners want to know how we can help bring in new opportunities or increase effeciency. AYCE provides this,” said Evident CEO and President Roger Miranda.

During the assessment, Evident IT, identified one major concern. The company needed an industry-specific enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. So, Evident’s team of experienced IT consultants sat down with the company’s leaders to determine what would be the right ERP solution and what IT infrastructure changes would have to be made to ensure a successful implementation.

Together, they determined that Evident IT needed to upgrade the company’s network. .  So, Evident’s team of IT consultants got to work upgrading workstations, servers and the core network infrastructure, ensuring that the investment in the ERP solution was not wasted.

In addition, structuring the business’ network and implementing modern IT solutions provided the perfect recipe for growth and collaboration.  Network users have professional email addresses and the ability to share information with each other across the entire organization.

Evident provided a custom marketing-focused website with a leading content management system, allowing our Winnipeg client to showcase all of its products and brands and bring in new business opportunities. A professional website provides instant credibility in the marketplace.

According to our client, and proven throughout the entire project,  Evident IT’s greatest strength is its team’s understanding of the kinds of challenges that businesses face and its willingness to adjust business processes to improve staff efficiency.  Helping our client’s staff to realize a new business process for raw material and finished goods inventory reduced inventory-count times from 2 weeks to 2 or 3 days, allowing all team members to share and communicate with ease.


Evident IT is Winnipeg’s leading technology consulting company.  We focus on the entire solution and offer services ranging from daily IT support to management consulting on how Winnipeg businesses can best leverage IT daily to increase profits and reduce inefficiency.  Learn more at http://www.evidentit.ca.