Say ‘Yes’ to saying ‘No!’

People Will Respect Your Time:


If you are a business owner you no doubt take pride in hard work and dedication and getting what needs to be done, done! Perhaps you have made it common practice to say yes to everyone and every request you get but is that helping those people to value your time or is it hindering it? Everyone will lean on you and no one will respect what you have on your plate. If you view it as okay to say ‘No’ you may find you can finally do what you need to do. If you always do what other people want you to do, when do you have the time to work on your projects? Say no more often – remember it’s not because you aren’t helpful, but because you need time to focus on your work.


It Will Be Easier to Stay Productive:


Always stopping to help others will seriously halt your productivity. You’re going, going, going – and then you suddenly have to come to a screeching halt. You lose momentum, you lose focus, you lose whatever you had going for you. YOU can decide what really matters. Once you get good at saying no, you can reevaluate what it means to say yes. The sooner you do this, the sooner other people will know where your priorities are and when they can step in and ask you for assistance.



Try This – Ask Yourself:

Help boost productivity and gain respect for your time, try saying ‘yes’ to saying ‘no!’