Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Support Ends

The day has been a long time coming. July 14, 2015 marks the end of extended support for Microsoft Server 2003. Organizations still utilizing Microsoft Server 2003 should undertake an organizational review and technical assessment to understand the risks of the ongoing use of Microsoft Server 2003.


The following list should help your organization start a migration plan.

1. Discovery – How many servers are you looking at migrating? Are they onsite, offsite or in the cloud? Do you maintain your own servers or are they maintained by an outside IT company?

2. Assessment – Do an assessment of the services your servers are currently providing. Pay special attention to any mission critical business applications or lines of business applications. Contacting vendors for software packages and/or devices on your servers should deter you from any road blocks for your migration and allow you to have support during migration. Simply ask the question: We are upgrading from Microsoft Server 2003 to a newer version, what should we look for? Do you have any specifications? Will you migrate and support your software. This should start you on the right path.

Are virtual servers a viable option? Will your location host them, or will they be offsite? Do you have the physical space available? Is there adequate power available for your upgrade?

3. Plan – Work with your team and vendors to create a seamless plan to minimize down time.

4. Migrate – Put the plan to work!


If your organization is still utilizing Microsoft Windows Server 2003, please contact us for a free in person meeting to discuss your options.