What is a MSP?


Never heard of a Managed Service Provider. You’re not alone. Unless you are in some part involved with the IT Industry the term MSP may not make sense.

We want to change that because knowing what a managed service provider will be the first step to improving your business and education helps you as a company to grow.

A managed service provider is fully outsourced IT that takes care of all the headaches you normally associate with technology. Basically, if it’s IT-related, managed services can make it better. Our incentive is to fix it before it is broken and to make sure it remains fixed.

When you have fully managed technology, your technology is… well, fully managed. From routine maintenance and automatic upgrades to proactive monitoring and instant support, your technology remains consistent because it’s consistently taken care of.

Outdated hardware, lax online security protocols, and uncooperative technology solutions can damage productivity, affect output, and stain professional reputations.  These problems can be costly and extremely difficult to overcome on your own.

But—the thing is—you don’t have to deal with these issues alone.

For years, we’ve provided proactive IT support and customized technology solutions to many businesses throughout the Winnipeg area.  Offering optimized technology services such as data backup, network security, and flat-rate IT support, the businesses we partner with receive the opportunity to focus on customers, products, and operations rather than glitches, hassles, and hackers.

As with anything, you might still have a piece of hardware break down on you. And yeah, your network might have an issue or two every now and then. But with managed services, this won’t cost you anything. It’s bundled into a flat, monthly rate that should only change if you decide to expand your business or upgrade your technology.

We remove the element of surprise. No coming in Monday morning finding out the power went down servers were not protected and didn’t turn on and your company has had multiple hours of down time. What has happened because of that? Your company lost money.

You can invest this money elsewhere – use it to grow your business, educate your staff, expand your reach.

No more Googling. No more YouTube-ing. No more calling that friend of a friend. Managed services are managed by a group of professionals who are experts at what they do. You are no longer the wannabe IT guru and you no longer have to act like you know what you’re doing.

Contact us today to see how your company can benefit from routine maintenance, proactive monitoring, and a flat, monthly rate.