Requires your attention – Windows XP No More

Microsoft ends support for Windows XP and Office 2003

If you’ve been to the Microsoft support website for any reason lately you may have run across a big countdown going on.

Normally a countdown clock leads to something exciting but this one can be a harbinger of doom if your company has yet to migrate to a more modern operating system. A couple of years ago when Microsoft announced the end of our beloved Windows XP it seemed so far away. Here we are, only weeks away from the big day. Is your company ready for April 8th?

Requires your attention Windows XP No More

Your business relies on a stable operating system to keep everything running, from your email to your reports and your data. When we were stuck with Windows 98, everyone jumped at the chance to upgrade rather than reboot all our computers every day. In XP we found a friend and we don’t want that relationship to end. After Vista, that opinion just solidified.

Microsoft heard our cries and responded with some very good, stable options. Windows 7 has proven itself to be a very user-friendly, reliable platform in the 5 years it has been around. Both Windows 7 and the new 8.1 will serve your business well. They are both supported for years to come and will keep your computer safe.

The problem with not upgrading your Windows XP is more than not being able to call Microsoft for support, you call us for that right? The problem is that we can no longer keep your business safe from security threats because there will be no updates or patches to protect from cyber-attacks.

To keep your business secure and up to date, call us to ask about starting the migration to a modern operating system with better security, efficiency and productivity.



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