Improving Business Productivity – Part 4

In our previous articles we looked at how email, meetings and workstations can hinder a business’s productivity and how to alleviate those hindrances. Technology is a forever changing landscape. With new technology being introduced what seems like every couple of months, adaptation and education are key in keeping up with the world of business. We cannot forget that it is the people who use this technology that are the most important part of improving business productivity. If you are just tuning in, here are the links to the previous sections in this small series to help improve business productivity….

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Improving Business Productivity – Part 3

Making sure your computer is running at its best can help save a lot of time and therefore money. How many times have you clicked on an application and it takes a few minutes before it loads up? Chances are your workstation is running applications in the background causing everything you are running on it to slow down. Giving a call or email to your IT department could help with those kinds of issues and a whole lot more.

As technology grows faster and faster, so do businesses. As businesses grow so does the demand for time and communication. Balancing…

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Improving Business Productivity – Part 2

In my last article I showed you how something as simple as changing the way you are checking your email can gain your company back thousands of dollars. Click here to read part 1. In this article we will take a look at another activity that is necessary and can be very productive, but also has the potential to be very counterproductive.

Meetings can be an awesome way for a team to get on the same page, but having too many attending can be a big time waster. Appoint key people to attend, and then fill in the…

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