22 June 2021 Roger Miranda

How to get organized with Microsoft To Do

Do you have multiple to-do lists sitting around on sticky notes your desk? Or maybe your tasks are written in your planner, or on a…

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26 May 2021 Evident IT

Why your team should be using Microsoft SharePoint over shared drives

Learn the pros of using Microsoft SharePoint and the cons of sticking with traditional shared drives.

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11 May 2021 Roger Miranda

How Outlook’s Snooze function can help you reach inbox zero

Use this one simple Outlook trick to help keep your inbox clean.

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20 April 2021 Roger Miranda

Five Password Managers to Help You Get Organized

Learn the features of five different passwords managers: Microsoft Autofill, Google Password Manager, iCloud Keychain, LassPass, and Passportal.

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22 March 2021 Evident IT

Get Your Work Finished with Remote Access

There are a number of ways to complete a work project while physically away from the office.

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9 March 2021 Roger Miranda

How to Schedule Meetings with Microsoft FindTime

Scheduling meetings in Outlook is a whole lot easier thanks to this free add-in.

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24 February 2021 Roger Miranda

How to Identify and Protect Against Phishing

Learn what phishing is and how you can protect you and your organization against these cyber attacks.

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19 July 2022 Evident IT

Business Development in the Tech Era

In this new era of business, the need to adapt or be left behind has only become more critical. As a result, most traditional companies…

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19 April 2022 Evident IT

Can a Chatbot Help Solve Your Communication Concerns?

In today’s tech-focused world, everyone wants answers the moment they have questions. It has become the standard of customer care quality to ensure that anytime,…

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