We fix problems, automate solutions, and help people do their jobs.

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Managed IT

We don’t just keep the lights on - we are here to teach and train your staff so you can work more efficiently and get the job done.

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Let Our Team Help You.

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IT support

Never outsourced, and always on hand. Whatever the issue, we’ll find the best fix for your needs.

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Managed backup

From single-file recoveries to large-scale backups, we have you covered. Find the right solution to keep your files secure and minimize downtime.

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Managed security

We’ll match you with a security solution that meets your needs. From basic security to specialized solutions, we take away the stress of knowing your data is safe.

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Hardware rentals

Don’t let out-of-date systems slow you down. We offer hardware as service to get you up and running fast without a big investment. With low monthly fees and a regular refresh schedule, you can reduce expenses and stop worrying about computer lifetimes.

IT strategy services

Good IT isn’t just about fixing issues; it’s about developing a plan for the best way forward. Our strategy services dig deep to understand your organization and provide a “just right” solution: exactly what you need (and nothing you don’t) so you can save money and focus on doing what you do best.

Smart IT Strategies

Maximize efficiency and help your staff work wherever they need to

Assess what 3rd-party services you really need

Plan ahead so you don’t get caught out by ageing tech

Determine whether cloud-enabling is right for your company

Avoid “shiny object” syndrome -- because the newest solution isn’t always the best

Prepare for the future with scalable tech that can grow with you when you need it