Video Conferencing and Your Business


April 29, 2020

If you joined us for our last blog post, you know that during this COVID-19 pandemic working from home has become common practice for many of us. We discussed some practical tips on staying productive.

Today we wanted to share what we use for video conferencing and staying connected. Additionally a few options you may want to look at for your business! Having a reliable video conferencing software is important as it helps to keep up productivity.

Here at Evident IT, we use Microsoft Teams. It is the fastest growing app in Microsoft’s history with more than 330,000 companies using it worldwide. The service integrates with Office 365 subscriptions. A highlight for Microsoft Teams is over the next six months the premium version of Microsoft Teams for free due to the effects of COVID-19.

Here are 5 Reasons We Like Teams:

1. Video Conference Tool – Very simple to use you can be in a chat and it’s as easy as clicking the little camera tool.

2. More Than Just Video Tool – Team’s integration with other Microsoft products like OneNote and Office means no more switching between apps throughout your conversation you can easily share a file just attach and send in the chat.

3. Fewer E-mails – Communication can be streamlined and you can have ongoing meetings in a channel instead of waiting to be cc’d on an e-mail.

4. Easy to Stay Connected – You can download the application on your phone, tablet anywhere you go it is easy to access.

5. Channels – Keeps things organized you don’t have to be talking to the whole office at one time. For example, you can have a “Management Channel” an “Estimating Channel” everyone can have their own group.

If you are looking for a commitment-free platform for video conferencing check out Zoom Meetings it’s a free tier and user friendly. Google Hangouts is another video conference tool that can be used it is better suited for smaller meetings however is easy to use for your desktop or on a mobile device.

Hope these tips help your business if you have any questions or inquiries feel free to get in touch with us!

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