Security – Right Now


June 24, 2020

As a business in 2020, you are trying your best to navigate a new world of security and privacy issues related to working remotely, evolving hardware/software needs, and employee access policies.

Cyber Security may not be the main focus right now, but according to Verizon – 43% of breach victims are small businesses.

We can help you to not be a statistic.

Data suggests that we will see a spike in ransomware attacks as employees return to the office – as 41% say they intend to.

What can help?

One of the biggest solutions is something called Multi-Factor Authentication.  

The user is prompted once the password is entered for an additional form of identification. You may be asked to enter a code on your cellphone or to provide a fingerprint scan perhaps on your cellphone or computer.

MFA helps to keep your information secure without being super complicated for the user.

If you have questions and are looking to find better security solutions please feel free to contact us and find out what can be done for you!

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